Electrical System

We can provide full design and installation of Electrical Systems as your requirements:

  • Complete new building installation of internal & External Electrical system
  • Rewiring of existing properties
  • Computer network points, WiFi Points, TV and Telephones points, etc…
  • Audio, Visual and Media System, Conference System
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection System

Business ICT Development Services & Solution

Network Development and Design

  • Access Level: LAN/WLAN connectivity accommodation to all user(workstation, mobiles and equipment)
  • Distribution Level: Connecting multiple building to network core
  • Core Level: Interconnecting different location. Connections, connecting to the Data Center
  • WAN: Connecting internet and multiple remote locations
  • Network Services: DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, File Sharing, Email, FTP, etc…

  System Security and virus protection with Kaspersky Endpoint Solution:

  • Streamline Protection: Effective protection from servers to mobiles.
  • Easy Management: Powerful solution to manage over hundred devices by one central sever
  • Secure Date: Control able to externalities of Memory Stick, External Hard Disk, Printers, Website
  • Reporting: Comprehensive Reports to monitoring and evaluation purpose
  • 40/7 Service: All licenses included after sale services of implementation and sever configuration

Public Access WiFi Solution:

  • Capative Portal: We delivered simple wifi cloud management that enable to access your branches Aps.
  • WiFi Advertising/Marketing: Enabling Loyalty Campaigns, Lead generation and direct marketing through WiFi.
  • Social login for access: Your client will ecstatic with the social login feature, and your business will become popular in social media network. You can also get analysis report of your focus customers. (Special for Food Shop and Restaurants)
  • Ticketing/Vouchers: User can enable to access wifi network with codes generated by system. (For Guest house, Hotel and Resorts)

ICT Accessment & Consulting

  • Help the customer get a clear view of the benefits and costs before starting expensive implementation.
  • Determine budget and set priority for Ensure the customer is spending money for what they need and according to customer priority.
  • Determine budget and set priorities for implementation.
  • Software/Solution engagement: Access and Analysis on the requirement of the organization and then identity for the software solution.

Building Security System & Access

We Provide

  • Security Monitoring System: AHD/HDCVI/HDTV camera & DVR, IP Camera & NVR
  • Building Security System: Biomatrix Door Lock system, Video Intercom & Door Phone, CCTV
  • Attendance & Access System: Finger Print, Proximity/RFID

Complete Digital Telephony Service

We provide telephony services, line extension and system installation which not only base on ordinary and analog (PBX) but also internet protocol network, IPBX system. We special offers digital telecommunication services abased on IP network that are provisioned via LAN/WAN.

  • We are providing business PBX installation and configuration with world class materials and solutions.
  • We offer IP-Telephone extensions with world class materials and solutions for home, shop, offices and hotels